Noyama no Shokudo:At the weekend there’s authentic pizza hand crafted by a professional potter, and from Monday to Thursday you can get a taste of their healthy macrobiotic menu.

・・・Noyama no Shokudo (mountain field Dining)・・・

At Noyama no Shokudo, the shopkeeper changes depending on the day of the week.
On the weekends you can visit ‘Touhei Pizza’, with pizzas lovingly crafted by professional potter and Fujino resident Mr. Nakamura Touhei.
From Monday to Thursday ‘Warahana Shokudo’ opens its doors, and you can enjoy some brown rice and veggies dishes made with specially cultivated, fresh Fujino vegetables; organically grown without pesticides or fertilisers.
‘Touhei Pizza’ is an authentic style pizza shop, where your order is taken and the pizza dough is hand stretched in front of you, before your ingredients are added and cooked to perfection.
Their sauce is hand-made from fresh ingredients, including locally grown basil, and the final product is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for your tastebuds.
With one big bite the delightful contrasting textures of the crunchy crust and the chewy centre will combine in your mouth to leave you begging for more.

The most unique characteristic of a Touhei pizza has got to be its ‘non-roundness’. “I could cook them round, sure. But cooking them this way is more ‘potter-like’ don’t  
you think?”
so said Mr. Touhei with a smile.
Well his dough certainly makes a tremendous pizza, with its handmade nature coming through in the texture and the rich flavour of the final product.
In addition to the standard margherita (¥1,000), Mr. Touhei’s homemade recipe of bacon pizza, as well as his salad pizza made from fresh, local vegetables, are both fan favourites.

In the summer of 2018 ‘Touhei Pizza’ launched a lunch menu that incorporates some local Fujino dishes.
It’s a faithful recreation of the wisdom and ingenuity of Fujino’s traditional cuisine. As it’s a mountainous region, historically there were no paddy fields in Fujino, so rice was quite a rare delicacy.
As a result it’s actually udon noodles that were the staple food of the area.
A number of dishes through which you can experience this region’s history have been carefully prepared for customers to enjoy.
First there’s Mr. Touhei’s udon noodles, then there’s ‘Awa Bukkashi’, a slow cooked dish made from sticky rice and millet, ‘Katemeshi’, a meal traditionally enjoyed during celebrations (a sushi rice dish made with various vegetables), plus a variety of simmered seasonal vegetables.
And all of these are served together on one plate.
This nutritious regional cuisine is served up with a beautifully colourful presentation, earning it quite the reputation among locals.

Then on the other hand there’s ‘Warahana Shokudo’, open Monday to Thursday.
There you can choose from a menu of hand prepared dishes, which includes the ‘Kurumabu Teriyaki Set’ (¥900), as well as dishes that cater to Japanese tastes such as curry and doria.
They also have an abundant sugar-free sweets menu, as well as a snack menu.
All these dishes can be eaten worry free, a result of the menu being prepared by the macrobiotic chef Norie Uematsu.
The message of ‘food is medicine’ is packed into these healthy and delicious dishes, so how does coming on down and trying them out sound?

Finally, Noyama no Shokudo also contains the ‘Fujino Art Village’, a container gallery where local creatives can display and sell their works.
On Saturdays the gallery is a bustling art spot, with the works of many local artists on display.
But it’s not just about exhibiting those pieces, there are also events like workshops and live performances that guests can take part in while interacting with the artists themselves.
It’s a truly fantastic place.
There’s also something to be said for the thrill of taking home a work of art with no other copies anywhere in the world as a souvenir from Fujino.
Furthermore, On the 4th weekend of the month (11:00-16:00), in addition to the regular proceedings they also host the bustling ‘Elephant Market’ in a tent on the premises.

Noyama no Shokudo
c/o Fujino Art Village
5570, Makino, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan.
Tel: +81-50-3791-0999
To access via bus take the Yamanami Onsen bound bus from JR Fujino Station and get off at the ‘Fujino Geijutsu no Ie’ stop, where you’ll see the building immediately.
From Lake Sagami I.C it’s a 10 minute trip by car.
Parking spaces are available.