Nisso-en:Take in the great outdoors at an authentic lakeside cottage!
You can even enjoy a nice and easy barbecue, no need to bring any equipment.


At Nisso-en Park you can experience the great outdoors at the cottages by Lake Sagami, all located just a very convenient 10 minute walk away from JR Fujino Train Station. On the way over from Fujino Station, you can take in the view of Lake Sagami from atop Hizureo Bridge.
The grandiose greenery of spring, as well as the vivid reds, oranges and browns of autumn, can all be appreciated to their fullest from this spot.
If you want to see those sights up close and personal then look no further than the lakeside cottages at Nisso-en Park.

There are 9 cottages in total, with capacities ranging from 4 to 15 people.
They can accommodate small families and larger groups alike.
Each cottage comes with its own barbecue area, which includes all the necessary equipment. Right next door to Nisso-en is a Matsuba Supermarket, and there’s also a convenience store just a 3 minute walk away, so even if you turn up completely empty handed you have all you need to enjoy an outdoor barbecue within arm’s reach.
Each cottage also contains a kitchen, with a refrigerator and a rice cooker inside.
So if a barbecue isn’t your thing you can enjoy some indoors, home-style cooking to your heart’s content too.

Another attraction you can enjoy is some bass fishing in the wide open waters of Lake Sagami.
In the words of the owner, Mr. Mutsufumi Yamazaki:
“The fishing season is in summer but you can take part all throughout the year.
We have a variety of fishing rods available for rental, so you can enjoy fishing up some bass in whichever way you enjoy most.”
When you think of bass fishing you might imagine it to be quite difficult, but they do offer a plan for beginner anglers to learn the ropes starting from scratch (booking required).

An easygoing bass fishing experience is ready for you to enjoy at Lake Sagami.
Mr Yamazaki kindly informed us
“In the neighbourhood there’s a fishing boat seller who’ll show you where you can catch some smelt (smelt season is from October to March), I can point you in their direction if you’re interested.”
Lake Sagami is truly an extravagant spot to relax in, with both barbecues and fishing on the menu all year long.
Access via car is very convenient, so anyone after a quick and easy getaway should come on down.
You definitely want to experience for yourself the sight of Fujino from the shores of Lake Sagami, whether that’s amidst the vibrant green shades of spring, or the warm colours of autumn.

754, Hizure, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan.
Tel: +81-687-2206
7 minutes walk from ‘JR Fujino Station’.
About 10 minutes by car from the Sagamiko interchange.