Yuzu no Ie

・・・Yuzu no Ie・・・

Yuzu no Ie is an old farmhouse built using traditional folk architecture methods, located deep in the lush mountains of Kanagawa Prefecture. It was constructed with wooden floors and thick wooden beams and features an old-style sunken hearth (irori) in its central room. The house is located on a hill in a quiet hamlet in the Fujino area surrounded by farms and yuzu citrus trees, which give the property its name (“yuzu house”). It has been renovated to serve as a self-catering accommodation facility for visitors to the area, who can relax amid lush greenery surrounding the house and enjoy a clear view of the starry night sky.

Yuzu no Ie was built between 1842 and 1872 as the home of a local farming family. The building was restored in 2019 to serve as an artist-in-residence facility. It has since been further renovated to combine the authentic atmosphere of the original structure with modern comforts such as a fully equipped kitchen, modern bathroom, and air conditioning in every room.

The interior is spacious and can accommodate up to 16 people, and the large second floor can be used for group meetings or workshops. The sunken hearth in the dining room would once have served as the heart of the household, where family members would gather to eat and socialize. Today, guests can experience this traditional communal atmosphere while dining on fresh, local ingredients cooked over the glowing coals of the hearth.

Guests can also take part in various cultural experiences held at the house, such as flower arranging and an interactive workshop on samurai swords and culture. The workshop focuses on todo (the way of the sword), a sword martial art, and offers a hands-on experience where participants not only learn about samurai swords but also the culture and moral code behind their use and the samurai code of conduct. The outdoor area has a Japanese-style garden and a barbecue facility.