April 18・25, 2020 (Sat) 〜Let’s taste spring wildflowers (herb) with all five senses〜



This event has been canceled.

Welcome to the spring village of Fujino!

Let’s enjoy the spring of satoyama while fully stimulating the five senses.

・ Visual: Discover the breath of spring that can be glimpsed from the satoyama in winter. Observe the beauty of the plant and plant it together.
・ Taste and smell: Make chickweed salt, taste fresh wildflower tea, make wildflower jelly and tempura.
・ Tactile sensation: the feel of the leaves and stems of plants, and the wild grasses that are gentle on your skin? Which plants have thorns or rashes?
・ Hearing: The voices of birds and frogs echo comfortably in your ears.

Observe the spring wildflowers, learn what to eat, what to be medicine, what to make tea and delicious things on the spot, learn about the eye spots while touching the plants and pay attention to the poisonous plants that you need to pay attention to, Enjoy it on the spot or plant it in a pot.

Lecturer: Shino Yukihira

Ikebana artists, Haiku Poet, Heart Garden Association President, Phytotherapist.
Under the grandmother of Flower arrangement professor(The Ikenobo style),
a relative of the flower arrangement family, she became familiar with flowers from an early age. After acquiring Professor Sagagoryu, she studied under Toshiro Kawase. Learn naturopathy from Yuriko Tojo. Former Lecturer of the International Phytotherapy Association. President of the Heart Garden Association. Member of the Poet Association. “Arranging the seasonal language” flower classroom.
Heart Garden



JR Chuo Line Fujino station

13: 30-16: 00


4000 yen
You can choose your favorite schedule from 18th (Sat) or 25th (Sat).