Fujino Club

・・・Fujino Club・・・

Fujino Club is a place where visitors can meet residents and experience rural life in the Fujino area. It was set up in 2011 as an agricultural corporation to support the community. Facilities include a farm restaurant, a barbecue area, a tennis court, and various accommodations including old-style houses, campervans, a glamping tent, and a Mongolian ger. All accommodations have access to the simple onsite shower rooms, but most guests opt for the 10-minute walk to Fujino Yamanami Onsen to enjoy the natural hot spring.

The houses include the Fujino Club Gallery Room. In the Fujino Club Gallery Room, the décor focuses on paintings and other works by local artists.

Fujino Club offers a variety of seasonal activities including organic farming, harvesting, and miso-making. During events, visitors can make dishes that have been consumed since the Jomon period (10,000–300 BCE) such as barbecued wild boar meat and boiled and processed acorns, and do activities such as taking yoga lessons outdoors to enjoy the fresh mountain air. Fujino Club also functions as a community space for gatherings of residents, and the club hosts live music shows featuring local musicians and other social events.

The farm restaurant, Hyakusho no Daidokoro, offers authentic Korean food such as bibimbap (meat, vegetables, and egg served on rice), chijimi (a pancake of vegetables and seafood or meat), and samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) made with fresh local ingredients.