Jinkeien:At the southern foot of Mt. Jinba you can experience nature with all 5 senses Kick back and relax at a cosy little inn.


A 15 minute trip by bus from JR Fujino Station.
This short little journey leaves quite the impression to say the least.
Exit Koshu Highway and head through Sawai Tunnel to find yourself on a tranquil road running alongside the Sawai River.
Before long you’ll notice the scenery change as you head through the trailhead of Mt. Jinba and along the steep mountain trail.
At the end of that trail, at the southern foot of Mt. Jinba you’ll find a little inn by the name of ‘Jinkeien’, where you can get up close and personal with the incredible mountain scenery.

The small stream of the Tochitani River that flows past the entrance of the inn is sure to calm your spirits.
In the summer you can take a dip in the river, making it a big hit with kids.
The slopes of Mt. Jinba spread out before your eyes here, and the sight of them changes significantly from season to season.
In early summer fireflies flutter around by the nearby river, in autumn you can see the beautiful seasonal reds and orange foliage, and in winter you can spot needle ice poking out of the ground.
If the weather’s clear enough you can even see Mt. Fuji if you take the mountain trail out from the inn for 5 minutes or so.

“If you’re visiting from the city then you might be surprised at how quiet the
atmosphere is, and how clean the air is.
I like for our guests to feel like they’ve stepped into another world”
so says the owner, Mr. Yasutoshi Oki.
Indeed, when you stand before the charming figure of this inn you could almost believe you’ve somehow gone back in time.

Its picturesque location, surrounded on all sides by mountains, as well as its nostalgic image as a secluded inn has led to Jinkeien being used as a backdrop for a number of soap operas, movies and such over the years.
The sheer number of autographs on display in the lobby goes to show just how beloved this inn is by all manner of famous individuals.

It’s been 50 years since the inn was established, and over that time Jinkeien’s pride and joy, its rock pool bath has soothed the weary bodies of many a climber of Mt. Jinba. Although it’s not a hot spring, this rock pool bath is made from a gratuitous amount of teppei stone, and its perfect temperature leaves you feeling comfortable and refreshed when you finally step out to dry.
You’ll be happy to hear that guests have 24 hours access to the bath too.

In the evenings you can look forward to some excellent meals made with locally sourced freshwater fish and vegetables, as well as a special gem of a wild game hot pot made with Fujino’s famous yuzu fruit, venison sashimi and boar meat.
If you make arrangements in advance you can also have your evening meal brought to your room.
You can relax at your leisure together with your family in these cozy guest rooms.

They offer a number of popular plans that include things like a trout catching experience (available from 1st July to 31st of August, with suspensions for bad weather), bamboo chopstick making classes and wooden pencil carving classes (groups of 3).
Staying the night at Jinkeien is a fine way to experience the blessings of the land with all 5 of your senses, plus you can take home the experience you’ve gained from the activities and classes on offer, a unique appeal of this wonderful inn.

1848, Yoshino, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan.
Tel: +81-42-687-2537
URL: http://jinkeien.fc2web.com/
A 15 minute trip via the free shuttle bus service from JR Fujino Station.
A 20 minute trip by car from Lake Sagami IC.

Accomodation charges: 1 night per person w/ 2 meals: ¥10,497-¥17,496 (Children=80% of the fee for adults)