Fujino Club Glamping:Challenge yourself with a night of glamping in Fujino! Enjoy a stress-free taste of the great outdoors.

・・・Fujino Club Glamping area・・・

A glamping establishment has opened for business in Fujino, and there you can enjoy some stress-free camping and barbecues.
‘Glamping’ comes from the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’.
It’s a new style of camping that’s stolen the limelight in recent years as a way to experience the allure of the great outdoors in comfort.
The most notable feature of glamping is how it allows you to camp out in style without having to lug around any camping equipment.
“It’s a spot with a fantastic view, and it’s been designed to let you enjoy nature
at your leisure by keeping things simple and comfortable.”
explained Fujino Club representative Mr. Toshikatsu Kuwabara.
As there’s no need to prepare and build your own tent, first timers and even young children can come along with their families without any worries.

The spacious interior houses 2 beds, providing accommodation for up to 4 people (up to 2 futons can be rented free of charge).
The furniture, which includes wooden beds and chairs designed with the theme of ‘beauty in simplicity’, are products of the skilled furniture designers of the ‘BC Koubou’ workshop (http://www.bc-kobo.co.jp/fujinola), who run a living art shop in Fujino. Walking to the 100% fresh water hot springs of ‘Yamanami Onsen’ (http://yamanami-onsen.jp/) is a 10 minute trip along a tranquil mountain trail.
There you can wash away the fatigue from your journey in the hot springs.

You wouldn’t think a location surrounded on all sides by mountains like this could be found just a 15 minute drive from JR Fujino Station, but therein lies the unique appeal of Fujino Club.
It’s located at the barbecue area just at the bottom of the steep slope heading out from the Hyakusho no Daidokoro restaurant.
There, for a brief moment, you can have the sight of the tranquil mountain ranges of Fujino all to yourself.
The celestial spectacle you’ll witness when you look up into the star-filled night sky is unforgettable.
With that said, being able to camp out without being at the mercy of the weather is one of the big appeals of glamping.
The sight of the mountains of Fujino amidst the rain has its own unique appeal, and that beauty is another exceptional scene you might hope to experience here.

Just outside you’ll find an Oya stone kitchen countertop.
It includes a gas range so you can enjoy yourself a nice, easy barbecue regardless of the weather.
If bringing your own food to cook is too much of a bother then they also sell a meat/vegetable set (¥2,000 per person) made from local produce, so you can enjoy an outdoor dinner without having to bring anything at all from home.
Of course there’s always the option of a dinner at their sister establishment ‘Hyakusho no Daidokoro’ as well.
You can experience the allure of the great outdoors right in the centre of the incredible scenery of the Fujino mountain range until you can’t take in any more.

『Fujino Club Glamping area』
4611-1, Makino, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan.
Tel: +81-42-689-6105(Please call between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.)
URL: http://fujinoclub.co.jp/

It’s a 15 minute trip if you take the bus bound for Yamanami Onsen from JR Fujino Station. After passing the ‘Sai no Kami’ stop the bus allows passengers to board and depart freely, so you should let the driver know you want to get off at Fujino Club.
From Lake Sagami I.C it’s a 10 minute trip by car.
Parking spaces are available.