Oda Sansou: Whether with a group or your family, you can take it easy in these spacious rooms. Stay the night at a 120 year old manor, surrounded by mountains and forests.

・・・Oda Sansou・・・

Even the Fujino born and bred owner of Oda Sansou, Mr. Shuichi Morikubo, can’t help but get excited, as if he’s just found some buried treasure, when he talks about this area formerly known as the Oda district.
“It’s this great little environment where you can kick back and really get a taste of the beauty of nature.”
Just a 5 minute trip by car from Lake Sagami IC; once you cross over Katsuse Bridge you
can take the side road at the Hizure Ground to find yourself at this somewhat otherworldly 
If you didn’t know any better you’d be sure it had never been set foot in, but if you make your way into the forest and down the straight trail you’ll soon stumble upon a quaint little 120 year old manor nestled between the forest and mountains.

You can really feel the long history of this building in its appearance, and that aspect was carefully maintained by the manor’s happy-go-lucky owner when it underwent renovations.
When you step inside the manor from the entrance, you’re welcomed by the comfortable, natural wooden flooring of the spacious reception hall.
This hall is also used as an event space, and the abundant nature that surrounds it from all sides makes your time inside seem to pass by at such an extravagantly leisurely pace. The ‘secret getaway-like’ atmosphere is sure to impress adults, but even children can discover their own fun here too, so this is somewhere you might find yourself just a little bit proud to have visited at least once in your life.

The nearby environs consist entirely of mountains and forests.
You can hike up the mountains that lie before Oda Sansou via the ‘Oda Shokei’ footpath that encircles the manor.
You can make a round trip on the footpath in a leisurely 40 minute walk, making it perfect for a morning stroll.
You can also follow the forest path through the woods that opens up into the sprawling sight of Lake Sagami.
The soothing and elegant lake shore view overlooking Mt. Jinba and the Koshu highway (Highway 20) that’s available from the opposite shore is definitely worth seeing at least once.

If you bring your own ingredients you can make use of the kitchen (usage requires separate fee of ¥1,000) to host your own little party amidst the serene forests and mountains. If cooking sounds like too much trouble then you’re in luck!
You can have dinner at ‘Café Restaurant Shu’ (http://cafe-shu.com/), just a 5 minute drive away.
This restaurant is also ran by the owner of the manor, and you can treat yourself to some food from their original menu, made from locally sourced Fujino produce.
Whatever you choose we recommend you book in advance if you wish to stay the night.

Oda Sansou
1411, Hizure, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan.
Tel: +81-42-687-2333

URL: http://cafe-shu.com/ohda/

15 minute drive from JR Fujino Station. 10 minute drive from Lake Sagami IC.
Parking spaces are available.

Accommodation charges: 1 Night ¥4,104 per person 1 Night w/ special ‘Yamanami Onsen’ bathing pass ¥4,536 per person
(*) ‘Yamanami Onsen’ is a 15 minute drive away.

The kitchen usage fee is ¥1,080. Washing machine usage fee is ¥216 Heating fee in winter is ¥540 per person.
(*) Card payment not accepted To avoid disturbing the neighbourhood we ask that you please keep the noise down after sunset.
For more information, or if you wish to make a reservation, please make an inquiry.