Shu:Enjoy some music with your meal at a gallery-style cafe restaurant!
The menu features food made with seasonal ingredients hand grown by the owners.

・・・Café Restaurant Shu・・・

A 20 minute walk from JR Fujino Station.
As you travel down the scenic Prefectural Road 520, on your right you’ll see the artistic facade of ‘Café Restaurant Shu’ come into view.
In the centre of the courtyard style parking lot stands an enormous tree, and when you pull inside your gaze will be stolen by the gate created by the artist Eros Nakazato, a creation that’s artistic in its splendor.
Within the restaurant itself there are plenty more creations of local Fujino artists and authors scattered around, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of an art gallery.

In the open terrace seats, where beams of light gently pour in from above, you’ll find yourself in a spacious area surrounded by lush greenery.
On the opposite side of the terrace you can see the owners’ personal plantation, and just past that is a nature-rich environment from which you can look out over the loose mountain ranges of Hizure.
Pets are allowed within the terrace, so feel free to take in the therapeutic sight of the cats and dogs that have come to visit with their owner, relaxing carefree on the seats inside the terrace.

This restaurant is very proud of its wide selection of creative dishes made from fresh vegetables picked just outside the premises.
In addition to the original dishes made from scratch with herbs and vegetables personally picked by the owner, there’s also dishes which bring out the delicious flavour of their seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, such as wild mountain vegetables, shrimps and other fish.
At dinner time you can try a special full course dinner based on the chef’s best dishes (¥2,000~).
This is a great choice to commemorate a special occasion.

Fitting for the artistic town of Fujino, the owners are a married couple that have involved themselves in a number of art events over the years.
It’s no small number of people that have moved to Fujino in appreciation of this couple who effortlessly and amicably bring together artists, authors and other creators from both inside and outside of Fujino.
The character of the owners, who seem to enjoy bringing people together from the bottom of their hearts, is one of the big draws of Café Restaurant Shu.
They also host their traditional monthly ‘Lunch Time Piano Music and Jazz Night’, as well as a number of other live music events.

“I just like to do what I find fun, and in doing those things I’ve ended up bringing a lot of people to ‘Shu’.
The air and water in Fujino are both very pleasant, the people are very gentle, I just
think it’s a very relaxing place.
By all means come on over, I know you’ll enjoy yourself.”
Words from the owner of Shu, who will no doubt be tending to the vegetables in their garden with all their love today.

Café Restaurant Shu
981, Hizure, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan.
Tel: +81-42-687-2333

A 20 minute walk from JR Fujino Station.
You can also take the bus bound for ‘Yamanami Onsen’ and get off at the ‘Oiwake’ stop, then walk for a further 7 minutes.
A 5 minute trip from Lake Sagami IC by car.
Parking spaces are available.

Holidays: Monday and Tuesday (open as usual on national holidays)