March 21, 2020 (Sat) Learn Japanese culture ~Samurai experience : handling real katana sword and matcha tea~



Although it is excellent access from the city center, it is a blessed land surrounded by rich nature.

We will hold an extra ordinary event which can experience Japanese traditional culture.
This time, “Samurai experience and tea”.

※The photograph is an image.

First, you will watch a real Japanese katana—a traditional sword used by the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan with a cup of tea from Fujino local products.

After that, you will learn how to handle the sword with unsharpened one. And you will have a one-time serious trial cutting the tatami experience with real sword.

Before the slashing, we will hold zen mediation time to look inner sense and calm your mind.

After slashing, you will watch the special samurai show is performed by lecturer Yusuke with using real sword. You can enjoy not only using real sword but also matcha tea as a samurai culture as the end of the tour.

Why do not you experience yourself and your body through the Japanese sword in the great nature?

Lecturer: Yusuke GotoThe lecturer Yusuke is a teacher and performer who uses Japanese swords to express the heart of ancient Japanese tradition, something that cannot be found in museums or TV and web. His passion is spreading the real spirits of samurai to the world. He have practiced swordsmanship for 14 years. And he has 5th grade dan and black belt in sword martial arts “Tou-dou”, also play Japanese style bamboo flute, sometimes with partner. He have taught and shown sword skills to over 3,000 people from all over the world. A first prize winner of tournament for sword skills(All japan “Toudou” big competition 2018)



13:30  Fujino Club / Hyakusho Kitchen Assembly
[In case of using public transportation]
☆ Bus time ☆
12:14 or 13:00 Depart from Fujino Station Take a bus bound for Yamanami Onsen
→ Get off at Fujino Club (about 15 minutes ride time)
(Because there is no stop, please tell the driver when you get on the bus that you want to get off at the Fujino Club / Hyakushou kitchen or tennis court, just across the bus of "Sai no Kami".)
※The train arrives at Fujino Station at 11:53 or 12:31.

You can have a meal in the kitchen of Fujino Club / Hyakushou kitchen at the venue.

13: 30-16: 00 Workshop
☆ Return buses are available at 16:17 and 17:35.


One adult @ First limited price 6500 yen
(Normal price 9500 yen)


No accommodation package
(It is convenient to stay at Fujino Club and other nearby guesthouses.)
☆ If you have food allergies, please let us know in advance.
☆ Application deadline is until March 18 (Wed).